Translation projects

Komoot is Europe's number one planning and navigation app for outdoor adventures. Cycling, mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering, or running - whatever your sport, komoot guides you and helps you explore more of the great outdoors. I am their expert for all consultation, localisation, and copywriting for the Spanish market: apps, website copy, blog posts, marketing campaigns, etc.

English-Spanish translation of a project on cultural heritage sites threatened by the impact of climate change, and how the local populations are adapting and trying to protect their history and identity. For this project, I collaborated with a colleague.

English-Spanish translation of stands and pods displayed at Sea Life centres. The playful content is meant for children to learn about sea creatures via games and fun facts.

English-Spanish translation of the acclaimed Harry Potter exhibition hosted by The British Library and digitised by Google Arts & Culture.  I translated most of these exhibits.

English-Spanish translation of a project on Maya heritage created by the British Museum and Google Arts & Culture. I translated all the exhibits, video subtitles, and editorial features.

French-Spanish translation of a book on religion, history, and philosophy.

English-Spanish translation of a blog post about coffee producers and how to market their product. Written by translator Claire Selden.

English and Spanish transcript + Spanish subtitles of TED Talk on cultural preservation.

Articles in English

Article about the differences between British and American English, a subject I’ve always found fascinating.

Article discussing the different variants of English and Spanish and how they may affect translation.

Article describing my path from full-time teacher to freelance translator.

Article about Deep Work - a method developed by American professor Cal Newport on how concentration is the new IQ.

Article reporting on a talk about the financial aspects of being a freelance translator - from filing your taxes to finding the right pension scheme. This event was hosted by the ITI's LRG in London.

Article reporting on an IntelliWebSearch workshop hosted by the ITI's LRG in London.

Articles in Spanish

Article about a trip to Iceland published in the Spanish travel magazine Viajeros.

Article describing a trip to the Basque Country in the London-based magazine La Tundra.


Article on the Maya civilisation for the London-based magazine La Tundra.