English>Spanish translation of the acclaimed Harry Potter exhibition hosted by The British Library and digitised by Google Arts & Culture.  I translated most of these exhibits.

English>Spanish translation of a project on Maya heritage created by the British Museum and Google Arts & Culture. I translated all the exhibits, video subtitles, and editorial features.

English and Spanish transcript + Spanish subtitles of TED Talk on cultural preservation.

French>Spanish translation of a book on religion, history, and philosophy.

English>Spanish translation of a blog post about coffee producers and how to market their product. Written by translator Claire Selden.

Article in English describing my path from full-time teacher to freelance translator.

Article in English reporting on an IntelliWebSearch workshop hosted by the ITI's LRG in London.

Article in Spanish on the Maya civilisation for the London-based magazine La Tundra.

Article in Spanish describing a trip to the Basque Country in the London-based magazine La Tundra.