My journey

Hi! I’m Carolina: language lover, globetrotter, bookworm, foodie and curious about almost everything. I’m based in London, which feels very much like home despite being some 700 miles (as the crow flies) from my town in Spain. Between the two extremes of that 700-mile stretch I have covered many more in search of new experiences, adventure, knowledge, and most importantly, languages.
There are two main forces that collided early in my life and have sculpted a great part of who I am today. The first was my immediate infatuation with the English language at the age of ten, which grew into sheer fascination. The second was my fondness for writing as a way of ‘emptying’ myself; during my teenage years, these detox acts materialised into short stories and poems, both in Spanish and English, which had already found its way into my character.
In view of this, there was one possible path for me: I had to become a linguist. During my years at university I soaked up linguistic, literary, phonetic and cultural knowledge of English and French. My study abroad year in Leicester, UK was the nine-month-long epiphany I had been awaiting. There was no way back. I wanted more. And more.
And so, with a BA in English under my belt I embarked on an MA in Linguistics and TESOL in the United States. This is when I started to teach Spanish, which I loved! I must say it caught me off guard. I was so determined to become a translator, and in my heart of hearts eventually a part-time writer, the fact that I enjoyed teaching felt like a hindrance, a detour really.
I stayed two more years teaching Spanish at another university in the US. However, the urge to teach English started to pull so hard I had to tackle it. So I moved to Spain and taught English to adults for five years. This allowed me to dig even deeper into the language and, with the help (and unthinkable questions!) of my curious students, I gained better insight into the ins and outs of English.
Then, unexpectedly, Germany knocked on my door. Because I was already starting to feel that I was losing the rolling stone drive that sparks my life, I pushed it wide open. I went on an enthralling roller coaster ride during which I got my hands dirty with another language to relish: German. Germany also allowed me to teach both English and Spanish within the same national borders.
And then came London! And with it, the right time to embark on the one journey for which I had bought tickets many years ago: my translation career. I have worked as a translator on the side since 2011, so all I needed was a change of focus. I did all the homework, the reading, the research; I took an official certification exam (IoLET DipTrans) to become a qualified translator internationally, and then VibrantWords Translations was born.
I could finally put all the first-hand knowledge to good use: all my travels, my years of learning about other cultures, the uncountable cooking lessons, the acts of discovery through music, art, literature and conversation with locals, all the lessons I've taught, and the lessons I've learned. I am here to help you convey meaning, feelings, and thoughts, that is, to help you find your voice in Spanish. I can't wait to set off on this journey with you!
Carolina Casado Parras
Continuing Professional Development record