Hi! My name is Carolina Casado Parras and I’m an English/French into Spanish translator and transcreator. I’m based in London, which feels very much like home despite being some 700 miles (as the crow flies) from my hometown in Spain. Between the two extremes of that 700-mile stretch I have covered many more in search of experience, knowledge, adventure, and most importantly, languages. Read more.



Qualifications? Got them! 
BA (Hons) in English (spiced up with tons of French) - Universidad de Valladolid (Spain) + University of Leicester (UK)
MA in Linguistics and TESOL (Teaching English to Students of Other Languages) - West Virginia University (USA)
Diploma in Translation (English-Spanish) - Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK)
Continuing Professional Development: I'm always learning and honing my skills. Check out my CPD record.


Professional memberships? Got them!
Chartered linguist (CL) and member (MCIL) of the Chartered Institute of Linguists
Member of MET (Mediterranean Editors and Translators)
Member of the ITI's London Regional Group


Professional experience? Got it!
Translating since 2011: First on the side while teaching languages, then full-time as a freelancer. Read more.
 Teaching Spanish and English to adults for ten years: I gained in-depth knowledge into the ins and outs of both languages.


First-hand cultural knowledge? Got it!
Lived, studied and worked in the United States and the UK: Immersed in both cultures and competent in both variants of English. What does this mean? I really get the message and its context as it's intended for the English-speaking audience.
Born and raised in Spain: Always abreast of the linguistic and cultural trends through frequent stays, the media, and so on.     What does this mean? I can recreate the message accurately for the Spanish market.


What can I do for you?
Translate or rewrite your content so it reads as if originally written in Spanish. No trace of the source language.
Help you explore the Spanish market by finding your voice in my mother tongue.
Develop a glossary and style guide to ensure yor brand's consistency across channels.
                           Different culture, different words, same impact. Read more.


In what areas?
As a keen traveller, bookworm, foodie, yogi, and amateur writer, I work with creative content because this is what best fits my skills and truly makes me tick.
I'm constantly reading, writing, studying and, of course, translating about food, travels, yoga, fitness, nutrition, arts & culture, and education, among others. Read more.


Get in touch to find out if the project you have in mind is up my street. If can't help you, I'll refer you to the right colleague. And if you need your project translated also into other languages, I can get the best team for you with trusted colleagues!