Translation, Localisation and Transcreation

Translation is a craft meant to capture what’s behind words and rewrite it in another language. I don’t exchange an English word with a Spanish one; I create seamless translations which read smoothly, as if originally written in Spanish.

Editing and Proofreading


Make sure the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed. Error-ridden content will undermine your credibility in published, printed and/or shared texts. Most mistakes are the result of skipping revision, a key step in the QA process.

Language Training


Foreign languages: still the unresolved issue? Let’s solve it once and for all. English or Spanish, you choose. I can help you start from square one or brush up on your rusty skills face-to-face or on Skype!

Why me?
Strong writing skills
Competitive rates
No intermediary
Thorough research
Years of experience
Tailored output
First-hand cultural knowledge    
Friendly, personal treatment
Chartered linguist:   


Carolina did an amazing job, fast turnaround and excellent quality. We look forward to our next project. Thanks!

Rowena Smyth Account Manager, Brightlines Translation Ltd

We were incredibly lucky to have Carolina join our volunteer translator team to translate our website into Spanish. Carolina provided an efficient and professional job and she exceeded expectations in terms of attention to detail and accuracy. We were most fortunate to have her support on this project that was important for our non-profit organization.

Amy Rose Mc Govern Former director of external affairs at Translators without Borders

Carolina is meticulous in her preparation and execution of a project. Whether it be on ancient history or contemporary culture, she goes the extra mile to research and understand the subject matter before tackling the actual translation. She checks context and takes into account how text laid out visually as part of her work. Furthermore she goes back and reviews the final product, even when she has actually handed over her own final deliverables. She is a pleasure to work with, passionate and fun and of course with flawless translation and I hope to work with her again in the future!

Suhair Khan Program manager, Google Arts & Culture, London

Carolina was a pleasure to work with. Accurate, professional and quick. Will continue to use in the future.

Iciar Wise Freelance account manager

I had the opportunity to work with Carolina, who was introduced to me by a colleague translator of hers. I haven’t regretted it a bit. She has translated my book La Vérité sur le Bouddhisme, which consists of historical and philosophical theses, as well as logical argumentation. She was always able to come up with the right translation and I have appreciated our collaboration very much. Given that I can read Spanish, I was able to read the proposed translation and discuss minor points. She was willing to listen every time and she took the time to explain the reasons for her choice. In addition, her diligence concerning accuracy, hard work and the necessary research to find references and information turned her into a comforting and reassuring collaborator. Thanks to her professionalism, I will continue working with her in the near future without the slightest hesitation.

Daniel Sens Author, France

Our project with Google Arts & Culture needed to be shared in Spanish. Carolina stepped up to help us communicate these engaging stories tailored for all ages, from children on Google Expeditions to everyone who’s attracted to the idea of following archaeologists on journeys through time and jungles of stone. Her diligent eye and ability to adapt the target language to convey the intended meaning would allow me to recommend her for future projects.

Dr. Jago Cooper Curator and head of the Americas Section. British Museum, London

I took several Spanish classes with Carolina in university, and she is absolutely the reason I am fluent in Spanish today. Carolina does an amazing job communicating the concepts involved with learning a language in a way that is easy to understand. Her passion for language makes learning fun, and I was always engaged and determined to do well in her classes. Carolina is very professional, skilled, and great to work with!

Aana Gamble Environmental scientist II at Freeport-McMoRan International, USA

Determined, adventurous and fun at the same time as hard-working and diligent. When hard work and love for languages meet, the outcome can only be something amazing. Carolina was my English teacher at the Official Language School in Antequera, where she quickly got along with her students. Throughout the year, I learnt about her determination to learn more languages. At the moment, she could speak perfect English, and also French. Later, destiny put her on the path to Germany and, as a result, on a path to a new language: German. In my opinion, Carolina is, in the full sense of the word, a ‘citizen of the world’. Not only does she learn the language and culture of the place where she lives, but also she immerses herself brilliantly. Today the world of translation has an excellent professional and above all, a great person.

Laura Morente Tour guide, Antequera, España

I have known Carolina since 2000 when we began our English studies degree together at Universidad de Valladolid. Since then, I have been able to get to know her both on a personal and professional level. Carolina is tenacious, motivated to succeed, perfectionist and meticulous when faced with any kind of task. For this reason, I entrusted to her the job of translating a European Erasmus Plus Project for the school I work in, which we were subsequently granted.

Ana María Almería Head of studies, Tirso de Molina Secondary School, Madrid

We started collaborating with Carolina back in 2011 and since then, she’s become a key part of the services we offer to our clients. She always responds in a timely manner, and we have the guarantee of high-quality results, an integral vision in the use of language and the capacity to adapt to the target audience to whom our content is addressed. We are very lucky to work with a professional like her.

Óscar R. Villalobos Founder and CEO, DOXmedia, Seville